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Blog Posts


2017-07-13 19_45_42-Why We Need to Take Phone Anxiety Seriously _ The Mighty


“Why We Need to Take Phone Anxiety Seriously”

Social Anxiety

I pitched the Mighty, one of the biggest sites on mental illness, with a story about phone anxiety. The piece ended up getting more than 3,000 favorites and 60 comments from people who related to what I wrote about.


2017-04-27 09_35_26-Does Your Loved One Have PTSD_ 9 Things You Can Do to Help Them Out

“Does Your Loved One Have PTSD? 9 Things You Can Do to Help Them Out”

I was diagnosed with PTSD several years ago, and had to learn not only how to help myself, but how to tell others the best way to help me. Using that experience, I created a guide for those with loved ones suffering from PTSD.


2017-04-27 09_42_12-How To Safely Educate Your Loved Ones About Your Mental Illness Without Hurting


“How to Safely Educate Your Loved Ones About Your Mental Illness Without Hurting Anyone’s Feelings”

Mental illness has a lot of stigma surrounding it. It can be hard to seek help and volunteer information about personal illnesses. However, when approached correctly, the experience can be beneficial to both sides.




“How to Find Strength In Embracing Your Weaknesses”


I pitched Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, and was accepted on my first try to not only publish this article, but to become a regular contributing writer.





News Articles


page_10 forum

“Behind the Screen” p 10
Profile of Westminster College’s System Librarian

Using exceptional interview skills, I was able to procure one of the most personal profiles my school’s paper had run.




“After school music program helps kids find a place to fit in”
South Salt Lake Community Beat

While working as a reporter for the South Salt Lake journal, I had the opportunity to learn about one of the schools successful music programs that helped at risk students stay in school.



page_8 forum

“Objective: A Hired Westminster Graduate” p 8-9
Issue Feature

Many college graduates fear the job market, so a fellow student and I polled some alumni and conducted our own research to advise soon to be graduates on how best to navigate the field. The article was so successful that the admissions office used it as a recruiting piece to attract potential students.



Client List:





The Huffington Post is one of the most popular news sites on the web that covers stories from Politics to Healthy Living and everything in between.






Clearlink is a marketing agency specializing in the security and technology industries. Their services range from SEO to social research and cover everything in between.




LeadG2 is a sales performance company that offers agency building, branding, and marketing services to a variety of businesses.



2016-07-11 22_12_43-Move.org - Tips and Advice for All Things MovingMove.org is a website for all things moving, covering topics such as moving advice, neighborhood guides, packing tips, and reviews of moving products and services.


updated_logo_resized_updatedKitchology is the first integrated cooking platform to help those with allergies and special diets figure out how to navigate cooking and meal planning.




Westminster College is one of the only private liberal arts schools in Utah that offers a blend of professional programs and civic engagement.




Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company is a non-profit arts organization that works to make modern dance more accessible and valued using both dance education and performance.




The Christi Anderson Rack Pack Foundation is a non-profit that works to create and deliver personalized care bags to Utah breast cancer patients.